Productive  Process

We have state-of-the-art facilities in which we apply a state-of-the-art process to obtain maximum profitability from each coffee bean.

After being transferred to silos for degassing, we can proceed to packaging or separation in RFID containers:

They allow to stabilize the product, maintain the organoleptic characteristics and homogenize it in order to maintain the grinding point.

A 20-head multi-scale is used. Different lines of packaging in bags and cans are available, all with one-way valve

The marking of each bag is done with identification of the batch, code of the day and time of packaging, as well as the date of preferred consumption, guarantee seal and shrink wrapping.

Finally, the coffee is stored on pallets and shrink-wrapped to make it available to the warehouse. A sample of each packaged product is kept until the expiration date.

Coffee at origin

We bring coffee from plantations around the world, supervising its quality from the country of origin until its arrival at our facilities

The result

Creation of a wide range of products adapted to all formats, designed for any business and market.