Our Facilities

An investment for the present and future that allows us to provide our customers with a better process to obtain a higher yield from the coffee bean.

Technological vanguard

Facilities with the most cutting-edge technology in the sector, with the aim of obtaining the maximum benefit from each coffee bean.

Fully automated

Our production plant works without the intervention of manual labor; from the introduction of green coffee beans to the packaging of roasted coffee, according to the demands of our customers.

Traceability of the entire process

We are able to trace every coffee bean, from end to end of the process; from receipt to the final consumer.

ISO 9001

Our Quality Management System is accredited by ISO9001 in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and the implementation of improvements in the process.

Analysis of all phases of the process

We implement rigorous quality controls in each of the coffee phases to provide you with the best bean.

Respect for the environment

Our technological equipment is characterized by its efficiency in energy consumption and in eliminating waste from the production process to minimize our impact on the environment.

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