Founded by Pedro Batalla in the middle of the last century, Cafés Batalla is a family-owned company, currently between the second and third generation, which has known how to adapt its structure and traditional know-how to the demands and innovations of the market. The philosophy of the company is based on quality and careful service to our customers, with whom we work together to offer the best cup of coffee.

The germ of Cafés Batalla dates back to Torrefactos Magna, where our founder roasted malt and coffee separately. Over time, coffee became the essential product and the company evolved as Cafés Batalla.

In a first phase, from the fifties to the eighties, the company was located in the current Alfred Pereña street in Lleida. Later Cafés Batalla became a founder in Tolesa, moving to the populous Pardinyes neighborhood of the capital.

The next step was the transfer as Cafes Batalla to the El Segre Industrial Park where it was for 11 years until moving to the current location of the El Camí dels Frares Industrial Park, where it has modern central facilities of more than 3,000 meters and that from 2017, after a significant investment, has one of the most advanced production, roasting and packaging technologies in the country.

Cafes Batalla has grown over the years through its constant commercial work and expansion of markets, directly or through an extensive network of distributors, in addition to the purchase of other companies, which has resulted in a solid structure with a presence throughout the northeast of the country and also in international markets, in addition to the presence of online operators.

We have various commercial brands (Port Moka, Tarrazú, Tolesa, La Garza, Pura Vida, Herbal Vitae, etc …), our own technical assistance service, we offer our products, both in coffee and accessories, to professionals in the Horeca sector, communities , vending, food and export as well as production and packaging for third parties.


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