Coffee at Origin

We guarantee the quality of all our products with exhaustive controls of the coffee plantations in the countries of origin. We carry out coffee samples during the production process so that our master tasters can corroborate its quality, until it finally reaches our country.

All coffee-growing countries

We bring you the coffee of the most prestigious origins in the world.

From Central and South America, East Africa, South Asia and Oceania come the main Arabica coffees. And in Vietnam, Brazil, West and Central Africa and South Asia, robusta coffees have their origins.

Collaboration with farms

We supervise the production of small coffee growers periodically to ensure the correct development of the bean. We collaborate by providing them with the knowledge and resources necessary to enhance the quality of the product and the wealth of the territory.

Buy on the New York and London Stock Exchanges

We buy green coffee every day in the main stock exchanges in the world from our purchasing group: “Roasters Reunidos”.

Shopping tastings

To ensure the quality of the product, our team of tasters analyzes small samples of coffee while it is still in origin, once it has been shipped and upon arrival at the port of destination.

Marine transport

Confirmed the quality of the coffee at origin, it is transported in specialized boats to our country, for its subsequent transfer to our facilities.

Production process

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to implement an innovative process in coffee to enhance its quality and performance.

The result

Creation of a wide range of products adapted to all formats, designed for any business and market.