Productive  Process

We have state-of-the-art facilities in which we apply a state-of-the-art process to obtain maximum profitability from each coffee bean.

The analysis is continuous and is carried out in multiple phases of the industrial process by our master tasters.

It’s are complete analyses that, with the same base for all, provide new indices in each phase of roasting.

Depending on the phase of the process, a different type of tasting is carried out: Brazilian, express, filter, mocha …

These are carried out for pre-shipment samples, upon arrival at the port, upon receipt at the factory, after roasting and once bottled, until the end of its preferential consumption.

Determination of coffee aspects

Humidity, grain size, classification and separation of defects, preparation for tastings, characteristics assessment organoleptic (aroma, acidity, aftertaste, flavor notes, body, sweetness), roast color, volume.

Coffee at origin

We bring coffee from plantations around the world, supervising its quality from the country of origin until its arrival at our facilities

The result

Creation of a wide range of products adapted to all formats, designed for any business and market.